IvoryResearch.com Review: Here When It is Hard to Get UK Degree

Uk degree is a hard task even for the most talented students. And paper writing can be a real headache because you not only follow the high standards of your institution but also to focus on grammar and spelling. That is why hiring paper writers can become a real solution. And if you are reading this, you might be interested in ivoryresearch.com team. Our Best Essay Services team decided to research this company for you and below you will find a full ivory research review produced by us.
IvoryResearch.com - VIP Essay & Dissertation Writing Service
Continue reading to check out if ivory research writers are capable of delivering the best quality paper, follow deadline, provide all services you need to succeed in your academic and, of course, affordable for any student who is looking for the online help.

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List of services

A wide range of services is a major factor influencing the decision if the service fits student’s needs. So we deeply drove into invoryresearch website to get the most information about what they are capable of delivering. As we see the team allows you to get an assignment paper, dissertation, coursework, essay and several other kinds of papers like software development and programming project. Like other services online they have a separate menu will all services they are offering. Also, to look reliable, they have many guarantees which you can find under their frequently asked questions menu.

The main disadvantage of this service is that you cannot order any paper from them. For example, scholarship essay and term papers are not available here. It plays a lot when you are ordering papers from the same service. First, you are sure with your quality, then you know what to expect and the third – you may benefit from loyalty program or bulk discount.


It is complicated to find a price at IvoryResearch website because there is no price list, calculator or table where you can find how much each page costs. The prices are calculated individually and depend on the type of order you placed. To get a quote for your paper, you need to feel in the form. There is no public information on how it is calculated, what will be the quality and how deadline influences on the paper cost.

If you need a complicated paper with an urgent deadline – be ready to pay three times more. Based on the data we have got the price per page starts from 25 USD, and can be up to 100 USD for very urgent and complex paper. Moreover, rare subjects are also cost a lot more than another general one. It is an expensive service.

Discounts and Additional Features

This service doesn’t provide newcomers or loyalty program for its customers. The company has another type of ivory research discount codes we have not seen before. The first discount you can get is 15% off if you decide to order three or more assignments simultaneously, i.e., they need to be placed as one order under the system. The second discount you can get is also 15%, but in this case, you need to order four or more assignments from this service total. There is no information if this discount will be available for your lifetime or it is repeated. And the third type of extra is 10th assignment is free if you have ordered nine before. However, there is no information what kind of assignment you will get for free. We are sure that they won’t give you a free dissertation or term paper.

As for unique feature you can get with your order, they are also a little bit different. Here is the list:

  • Abstract & Contents Page
  • References/Bibliography
  • Specific Models and Sources
  • 7-days Amendments

The last one is the worst – the majority of services provide unlimited amendments during two weeks after a paper is completed. And some of the services have even more flexible review period. You know, it is hard to review dissertation paper even for the professional.

What students say

“Tried to get an essay from them and they failed to deliver it in time. Moreover, I waited for one day to get a quote. I am learning literature and never thought that it would be so hard to get an essay!” Luis T.

“I wanted to save time on my research paper and tried ivory. The website is nice and very attractive. I have got a paper in time, but the quality was below average, there was a lot of spelling and grammar errors throughout a paper.” Tamari K.

“First, I am still waiting for the refund. Second, don’t trust ivory. They deliver low-quality papers and want to cheat you with high prices and well-designed website.” Lion D.